Domination Phone Sex

I’m a dominant cheap uk phone sex aficionado. I need my woman to submit to me, freely and willingly, trusting I’ll know what’s best for her, that I’ll push her limits but that I’ll always have her needs in mind. Finding a woman, a submissive is not an easy task, especially if you live a conservative community that has no idea what BDSM is and those that have heard of it, think people into it are insane or ill. So many times, you end up marrying someone not into the lifestyle, and try to live hiding an essential part of your life. That never works. So you start looking for alternatives to find a faint reproduction of what you really need, because it’s better that than nothing.

That happened to me.

I tried a lot of things, but the one that proved to be the best was a specialized phone sex, a domination phone sex, I had read about on a forum. The women answering your calls became the submissives of your dreams in just seconds, complying with your wishes, submitting to your will and making you feel amazingly well.

I can still remember the first time I called, not sure what I would find, but filled with hopes and dreams after reading the reviews I found on the sex phone.

The woman on the other side of the line was already on character. She greeted me as she would have greeted her dom, and that was a good start. “Good evening, Sir, how can I serve you this night? How can this submissive be of use for you, Sir?”

I felt I was in heaven. “Good evening, girl. Are you wearing headphones?” I asked her, feeling home, and decided to make the best of this.

“Yes, Sir, my hands are free.” She assured me, in a low, respectful tone.

“Perfect, please assume inspection position for me. Let me know when you’re done.” I ordered her and I could actually hear as if she was assuming the position ordered.

“I’m ready for you, Sir.” She announced me, and I could feel the rush of arousal running through my body.

“Describe your body for me, girl.” I ordered as I leaned back on my chair relaxing and getting ready to enjoy.

“Yes, Sir. I have light brown hair and hazel eyes.” She started, and the shy, respectful tone in her voice sounded so sexy I was hard, from moment one.

“Is your hair down, girl?”

“No, Sir, I have it combed on a pony tail.” She answered, and I could notice in her voice her will to please me.

“Perfect, go on.”

“Yes, Sir. My skin is pale, I have small mouth, round, generous curves, and I’m a bit over 5’ tall.”

“Uhm, petite… how’s your pussy, girl? Shaved?”

“Yes, Sir, completely.”

“Perfect, girl, I don’t like to see hairs on my way.”

“That makes me happy, Sir.” The eagerness to please was once more obvious.

“Assume waiting position.” I gave her time to change positions. “I stand next to you, and my hand goes through your head to your pony tail, grabbing it in my fist, making you lean your head back, forcing you to look at me: Are you ready to please your sir, girl?”

“Yes, Sir.” She sighed.

“I release your hair: Then take me in your mouth and tell me how you would do that, girl.”

“Can I use my hands, Sir?”

“Yes, girl, this time I’ll allow you.”

“Well, Sir, I unzip your pants and free your cock from your underwear, peeling it, exposing your head. I lean over it, my tongue out, ready to lick and poke that little hole, looking for that first drop of delicious cum, before I take your head completely in my mouth, mu tongue swirling all around, as one of my hands stroke you and the other one caresses your balls.” She made a small pause, to take a deep breath. “I take you deeper in, sucking and licking.”

“You make me so hard, girl.” I moaned, my hand already at my hard cock, as I stroke myself, enticed by her words. “Drop your hands, girl.” I ordered her. “And grabbing you by your hair I start directing you, making you take me deeper in your mouth, hearing you gag a little and struggle with the gagging instinct, because you want to take me as deep as you can, right, girl?”

“Yes, Sir, as deep as possible, relaxing my throat and breathing through you, wanting to provide you with all the pleasure I can, Sir.”

“I can feel my orgasm building inside me, but this time I don’t want to cum in your mouth, so I slid my hard cock out of your mouth, and pulling you by your hair, I take you to the bed, and throw you over it, face down, with your lovely ass up. I kick your knees open as I kneel between them, pulling you a bit closer to me as I pin you down to the mattress and plunge myself inside you.”

“Oh, god, yes, Sir.” She moaned out loud.

“I take your hands and pulled them to your back, imprisoning them there with one of mine as I pound you harder and deeper, relishing on your moans.”

“My whole body is trembling, Sir, underneath your powerful strokes. I can feel my walls clenching hard around you, as blasts of pleasure run through me.”

“Yes, girl, I want you to come with me, not a moment before, do you understand?” I ordered her, hearing her labored breath.

“Yes, Sir. I’m very close, Sir.”

“Hold on, girl, wait for me. I keep pounding you hard and in no time you can feel me swelling inside you and you know that I’m almost there.”

“Please, Sir, please….” Her moans were so real, the sound of her panting so similar to mine, that I was able to imagine her coming underneath me, and that was enough for me to come, harder than ever.

“Yes, girl, yes… come for me.”

And she did. Or so it felt.

It was an amazing first experience on a domination phone sex. It exceeded all my expectations and I became a regular client, always looking for that same girl, because the dynamic we were able to create between us was worth living again, and again.

Today I’m please to recommend the domination phone sex to everybody in know that are in the same situation.